Unemployed: what to do?

Register immediately as an unemployed person

Register immediately as an unemployed person, even if you have just received notice of termination and are still in employment.

At the latest on the first day on which you are entitled to unemployment benefits, you must register your unemployed status in person, otherwise you will lose part of your unemployment compensation.

How and where?

In some cantons you can register directly with the Regional Job Centre (Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungszentrum/RAV), and in other cantons with your commune of residence.

To find out which applies in your place of residence and which documents you need to take along, refer to the Information portal of the Swiss Authorities.

Choose the Unia Unemployment Fund!

When you register you will receive a list of all unemployment funds in your canton. You have freedom of choice: It's up to you to choose which unemployment fund will look into your entitlement and is responsible for paying unemployment benefits.

Stay proactive

You are obliged to actively seek a new job. Even during the notice period you must apply for jobs, otherwise part of your unemployment compensation could be cancelled. Keep your job application documents (motivation letter, rejection letters) in a safe place and take them along to your first consultation with the job centre.

Foreign nationals unemployed in Switzerland

As a foreign national working in Switzerland, you do not need to immediately leave Switzerland if you lose your job or if your employment contract expires.

For further information please visit www.ch.ch