Our Members

Unia has nearly 180,000 members from all sectors of the private economy. Unia members value the personal service they receive from their regional Unia office and share a commitment to working with others to promote good employment conditions.

Reasons for joining Unia

There are various reasons for joining Unia:

  • To be part of a concerted effort to promote favourable, secure working conditions. This calls in particular for a good collective labour agreement, because Swiss employment law offers employees only minimal protection. Collective labour agreements are negotiated between employers and the trade unions.
  • To benefit from Unia's good services, such as legal aid, and to count on advice and assistance for problems at work.
  • To support Unia's political efforts to promote better employment conditions and good social security.

Whether active or passive - every member counts!

Unia welcomes all types of members. Because together we can achieve more. United we are strong!

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