About Us

Unia is the largest trade union in Switzerland. It organises employees in the following sectors of the Swiss private economy: industrial, craft, construction and services. It collectively represents the interests of all employees and offers its members individual advice, legal protection and further services. It also operates the largest unemployment fund in Switzerland. Unia is a member of the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions.


Unia has nearly 180,000 members. It is organised in 13 regions with 25 sections and has 71 local offices. Unia has signed 250 collective labour agreements, from which some 1.3 million workers benefit.

Unia is politically active and is committed to a fair and just society. With this goal in mind, it has launched various people's initiatives and referenda and also organises rallies and demonstrations.

Unemployment fund

In Switzerland, it is everybody’s right to choose the unemployment fund of their preference in the case of unemployment. The independent Unia unemployment fund operates around 65 payment offices around Switzerland and pays out more than CHF 1 billion in unemployment benefits per year.