Applying for unemployment benefits in an EU country

EU citizens who have worked in Switzerland and wish to register as unemployed in an EU country need the PDU 1 form. This confirms the insurance periods accumulated in Switzerland and accredited abroad. It is issued by the Swiss Unemployment Fund.

What do you need to submit?

  • «Antrag auf Ausstellung eines PDU1» (application for issuing a PDU 1)
  • «Arbeitgeberbescheinigung international» (international employer's certificate form)
  • Salary statements or salary certificates for the past 3 years
  • Copy of your ID document (passport / ID card)

Important: A separate employer’s certificate is required for every company for which you have worked in Switzerland. The number of years for which you need to prove your employment in Switzerland varies depending on the country of emigration. You will find more details on the second page of the «Antrag auf Ausstellung eines PDU1» application form.

Where to send your documents?

If you have already drawn unemployment compensation in Switzerland, you must request the PDU 1 form from the unemployment fund responsible for you while you are unemployed. Alternatively, you can contact a fund of your choice.

Apply in good time!

Order the PDU 1 form in good time - preferably during your notice period. Unemployment compensation is paid only from the date of registration, and not retroactively. You must therefore register as unemployed as soon as possible in your country of residence, otherwise you will lose part of your benefits.

Flyer PDU1 (Download)