Looking for jobs abroad

Export of benefits

During your unemployment, you can go to another EU/EFTA country for up to three months to look for a new job. For this option, you must submit the «Antrag auf Leistungen bei Arbeitssuche im Ausland (PDF)»  (application for benefits while seeking a job abroad) to your job centre.

Comprehensive information is provided in the brochure entitled «Leistungen bei Arbeitssuche im Ausland (PDF)» (Benefits while seeking jobs abroad).


EURES (EURopean Employment Service) is a cooperation network run by the public employment administrations of the European Union and EFTA countries. The aim is to facilitate the mobility of employees within Europe.

If you are planning to work in another European country, contact the EURES advisory office in your canton of residence. For further information, please visit www.eures.ch