Free movement of persons and accompanying social measures

In the ongoing debate surrounding the free movement of persons and the accompanying social measures, the stakes for the trade union movement are enormous. Worker unity and the struggle against precariousness and exploitation is under attack.

Right-wing forces are trying to turn this social struggle – which it clearly is – into a nationalist struggle for identity and against foreigners and immigrants.

Threat of isolation and discrimination

Attempts at isolation and xenophobic discrimination are unfortunately not just a thing of the past. A look at the history of the struggle for equal rights and the abolition of workers’ seasonal status highlights the hard-won gains and helps us understand what is at stake if the populist right succeeds in turning back the clock.

Equal rights and social protection for all

It is essential that trade unions and the left as a whole remain committed to the fundamental principles of equal rights and social protection for all. We are dedicated to fighting for good working conditions, better wages and greater social rights for all those living and working in our country, without exception and without discrimination.