Economic Policy

Influence at all levels

Unia seeks to promote good working conditions and future-proof jobs. It pursues this goal through collective labour agreements (CLA) and contractual partnerships. But when it comes to ways of tackling an economic crisis or the overvalued Swiss franc, the only option is to exert influence on economic policy.

Economic analysis

Unia regularly analyses the global, European and Swiss economies and publishes its findings in «Wirtschaftsinfo».

Policy for Switzerland as a business location

The industrial sector in Switzerland accounts for the highest share of GDP than in any other western Europe country. The central focus of Unia's manufacturing sector policy is investment. Investment in the future, and investment in training and research is the key to creating new jobs.

Service sector policies

In the hospitality and retail services sectors, Unia makes concrete recommendations on ways of securing jobs and improving working conditions.

Income gap widening

Every year Unia studies the changes in the income gap between the lowest and highest salaries in the 36 largest stock-exchange-listed companies in Switzerland.