Unia's Guiding Principles

1. Our mission

Unia represents and promotes the social, economic, political, professional and cultural interests of all employees. It is committed to gender equality in the workplace, family and community.

Unia is a committed and dynamic trade union which applies its extensive expertise and know-how of the labour world, coupled with highly effective negotiating skills, to engage in all issues related to industrial and contract policy (collective labour agreements) with the aim of improving working conditions and, where necessary, does not shy away from taking the fight to employers.

Unia further promotes the professional training and wider education of its members.

Unia is a successful trade union - young, dynamic and also increasingly female. Men and women, Swiss and migrants, young and older employees are equal and at home in Unia. This trade union identity also finds expression in communal cultural events.

2. Our core values

Unia is founded on the core values of solidarity, equality, freedom, peace and sustainability. It defends the fundamental democratic and social rights of all and strives to extend them, irrespective of gender, social standing or origin, language and age. With this in mind, Unia campaigns for the global implementation of worker and trade union rights - hand-in-hand and in solidarity with the European and global trade union movement.

Unia aims to ensure that we live in a fair and just world with a focus on the social needs of human beings rather than on capital. To this end, it works with progressive movements, groups and parties and is committed to the best possible work-life balance.

3. Our members

Unia is a democratic organisation within which its members decide on the key political and strategic issues. Committed members and trusted parties are essential for successful trade union and political campaigns. And successful industrial and political campaigns make Unia attractive for members.

As an inter-professional trade union, Unia organises employees in the industrial, craft, construction and services sectors as well as persons not in employment and pensioners.

4. Our staff

Unia boasts a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. Backed by extensive knowledge and first-class expertise, they perform all manner of trade union related tasks, particularly by providing assistance and advice to members and trusted parties in businesses, motivating new members to join, spearheading campaigns, negotiating collective employment agreements with sectors and businesses, and providing services related to the unemployment fund.

Unia promotes the skills of its employees by providing solid grounding in trade union matters, as well as continuing training and education in trade union and speciality areas.

5. Our aims and resources

Unia's key aims are to provide better living and working conditions. The campaign rests on three pillars: Unia campaigns for progressive collective labour agreements, exerts influence on relevant legislation, and offers its members additional security and legal protection through professional services.

Unia shows initiative and is campaign-fit and ready for action in all areas of the country.

6. Our organisation

Unia aims to strengthen the degree of organized workers in all relevant areas of the private sector, to grow its membership significantly, and to become a strong, influential trade union force in the service sector. In addition, Unia is aiming to increase the proportion of women among its members and its own staff.

Unia consistently directs all processes and activities towards developing its membership (attracting new members, encouraging member commitment and member participation), with the aim of effectively promoting social justice.